Mad Keg Washer specs and info


Compact size does not mean less power. The Mad Keg Washer / Mad Keg Cleaner has a small size of 32"wx24"dx36"h means it will fit just about anywhere. The lower height means you don't have to lift the kegs as high to load.


Turning out 30 psi the Mad Keg Washer will blast even baked on yeast and beer away. But yet it just runs on 120volt 60hz and pulls 15 amps. Meaning you can put this easily anywhere and even move it if necessary. Pull it out when you need it, put it away when you are done. Just hook up co2 and a hose.

Mutliple Stages

The keg washer runs through a 4 stage process. First stage is rinse. Second stage is cleaning. After cleaning another rinse is performed. Third stage is sanitizer. To ensure even the dirtiest kegs are cleaned, cleaning and sani stages can be adjusted from 45 seconds to 30 minutes. The fourth stage is co2 purge. There are indicator lights to keep the operator informed of the progress.


Constructed from angle iron steel and mounted on 6" wheels this is one tough piece of equipment. If problems do arise, we will be here to help you get them straighthen out.

Short video of our attempt at building a clear keg to display the cleaning power. Normally the distance from end of the spear to the bottom of the keg is 1 inch. We made our test three inches to simulate the worst possible case. You can see how easily it sprays the additional length and beautifully cascades down the walls. A real keg with a shorter sump distance of 1" would be even more powerful. Our clear keg can't hold pressure so it had to be a short test and won't support the full power the keg cleaner normally delivers. So we had to dial it back a bit. But we think this video is helpful in giving a unique insight into what the keg washer does.