About our Company

  • We got our start as Mad Horse Brewery. We started as a 3.5 bbl system and quickly upgraded to a 7bbl system. As a 3.5 bbl system we could keep up with washing our kegs by hand. But doing so was time consuming and also made providing a consistent product difficult. After upgrading to a 7bbl system, it became impossible to manually clean the kegs. We started to design our own system to clean kegs. The first couple attempts were pretty crude and elicitied a lot of laughs from passer-bys. We quickly significantly refined and improved our system. Over the course of a year we made constant changes and revisions. Eventually we created a great product and other breweries took notice and asked if we could build them one. We have really enjoyed helping out other small breweries. We made a couple for a select few people. We took feedback from them and as a result refined the product even more. Now we can offer an industrial quality product to anyone . We have been proudly making them for the public since the end of 2014.

Some of our Customers